Version 17.2

October 18, 2017

New General Features

  • Added the AutoFill feature in the CSV cell selection mode. The AutoFill feature allows you to drag the bottom right corner of the selected cell border (AutoFill handle) to copy the same value as the selected cell to the up, down, right, or left neighboring cell(s). If multiple cells are selected and those cells contain values including serial numbers, those values can be easily extended by dragging the AutoFill handle. Double-clicking the AutoFill handle while the selected cell is at the top of the CSV document, the above behavior can be applied to the entire column of the document.

  • Added the Flash Fill command. Selecting the Flash Fill command while in the CSV cell selection mode causes EmEditor to compare the current cell with other columns, and fills the current column with data if it finds an apparent pattern.

  • Added the Flash Fill and Validate CSV buttons to the CSV/Sort toolbar.

  • Added the Show Markers command to the menu.

  • The new version will not delete spaces at the current cursor line when the Delete Spaces at End of Lines command is used.

  • The new version reflects the Column Header Type option in dialog boxes that use the column header.

  • The new version adjusts the initial cursor position when double-clicking a cell.

  • Double-clicking on the right space on the CSV header or ruler can now add a column, and double-clicking on the bottom of the line number can add a line to the CSV document.

  • Clicking on a folder in the Start window can now open from that folder.

  • The Sum.jsee macro supports CSV documents.

  • Improved the speed of Replace All and Batch Replace.

Test results:




Batch Replace

32.8 seconds

16.1 seconds

2.04 times faster

\* 40MB (736,831 lines) UTF-8 file, a batch of 500 replaces.

New Options

New Commands

Plug-in API New Features

  • Added the EI_VALIDATE_CSV and EI_GET_CLIENT_RECT_NO_BARS commands to the EE_INFO message.

Macro New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a certain issue related to macro shortcut keys.

  • Fixed the issue where the Outline settings can be reset to default when the macro "document.Config.Save();" is executed.

  • Fixed the bug where Sort commands could crash EmEditor.

  • Fixed a certain bug related to the WordComplete plug-in.