Version 17.3

December 13, 2017

New General Features

  • In the CSV Cell Selection Mode, dragging a border of the selected cell(s) moves or copies the selection. When entire columns or line(s) are selected, dropping with the SHIFT key reorders the columns or line(s).

  • Numbers (such as line numbers and columns) in the Status Bar are displayed as 3-digit separated numbers (depending on the Region and Language settings on Windows).

  • The Onigmo version was updated to v6.1.3. Regular expression new features such as Absent Operator are available.

  • Changed the font size in dialog boxes from 8 point to 9 point.

  • Greatly improved the speed of editing when many cells were selected and the ENTER key was pressed.

  • The behavior was adjusted when double-clicking the AutoFill handle. If the cell immediately below the selection is empty, the AutoFill action will stop at the next non-empty cell. However, if the AutoFill handle is double-clicked while the SHIFT key is pressed, and if only one row is selected, the AutoFill action will be repeated with the new value on a non-empty cell until the last row. The new version will simply copy the same value rather than serial numbers even if the current cell contains a number when only one row is selected.

  • The new version allows CTRL + A to select all in the Cell toolbar.

New Options

  • Restored the Enable Double-Clicking Only check box to the Link page of configuration properties.

  • Added the Auto check box to the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box.

  • Added the Enable Drag and Drop to Move or Copy Cells in Cell Selection Mode check box to the CSV page of the Customize dialog box.

New Commands