Version 18.0

August 8, 2018

New General Features

  • Greatly improved the speed of various operations when opening very large files.

Test results:




Find "abc" with "Count Matches" option

28.9 seconds

4.09 seconds

7.07 times faster

Replace "abc" with "@@@"

30.9 seconds

4.30  seconds

7.19 times faster

Filter "abc"

30.7 seconds

4.16 seconds

7.38 times faster

Sort A to Z (default options)

64.0  seconds

38.1 seconds

1.67 times faster

Sort A to Z (fast binary comparison)

35.5  seconds

10.3 seconds

3.45 times faster

Delete Duplicate Lines

31.7  seconds

18.3  seconds

1.73 times faster

Save (as the same file after changes)

25.8 seconds

0.562 seconds

45.9 times faster

Save As a new file

26.7 seconds

0.484 seconds

55.2 times faster

\* 538 MB, 10,000,000 lines, random ASCII data, Use Temporary Files option on (default), Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i7-8700K, 32GB RAM.

  • The new version allows you to use any encoding when opening, reloading, or saving files without first defining them in the Define Encodings dialog box. Selecting "More..." in the Encoding drop-down list box or the Reload menu will show additional encodings. The initial list of encodings can be customized via the Encoding list in the Define Encodings dialog box.

  • If Dark mode is used in Windows 10, EmEditor will also use dark colors. EmEditor displays custom bars, drop-down list boxes in the Find/Filter toolbars, text boxes, and list boxes inside dialog boxes in dark colors when Dark mode is selected in the Colors tab under Personalization in Windows Settings. Some of these colors can be further customized in the View page of the Customize dialog box. Editor view colors becomes dark colors when selecting the MinimalZen in the Display page of configuration properties.

  • Increased the number of icons that can be used in the Associate with EmEditor dialog box.

New Options

  • Added the Prompt when creating a new file in a network path check box to the File page of the Customize dialog box.

  • Deleted the Black, Blue, Brick, EmEditor Classic, and Rose themes from the Display page of configuration properties.

  • Added the Enable/Disable All check box to the Define Encodings dialog box, and removed the New, Delete, Up, Down, Properties buttons from the dialog box. The Encoding Properties dialog box was deprecated.

  • Removed the Open Undefined as System Default Encoding check box from the Detect All Result dialog box.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customer-reported issues ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).