Version 19.8

April 24, 2020

New General Features

  • Added an option to use uchardet (C++ fork of Mozilla Charset Detectors), and improved file encoding detection when the Detect All option is used to open files.

  • Added an ability to split a file with newlines at every specified number of bytes, and run a macro against each opened document while opening multiple files (the new Advanced Open command). This feature may be useful when you want to split fixed-length record data files (that didn't contain newlines) with newlines at every record while opening them, and convert them into a CSV format using a macro.

  • The new version allows you to record converting CSV formats as a macro ( ConvertCsv method).

  • Improved tiled window behaviors when comparing two documents. For instance, minimizing one window while two windows are tiled to compare, the other window will also minimize simultaneously. In WIndows 10, the new version removed a visual gap between two tiled windows.

  • Added the very dark mode (Windows 10 Build 17763 or later only). This feature is still beta since Windows API does not officially support the dark mode against desktop apps. It may not be supported on future versions of Windows.

  • Added commands to apply Unicode Normalization defined in " Unicode Standard Annex #15 Unicode Normalization Forms".

  • Added an option to display a correct series of Hangul Jamo as composed characters. For example, "ᄒ ᅡ ᆫ ᄀ ᅳ ᆯ" (without spaces) will be displayed as "한글" if this option is enabled. It is also effective to display old Hangul correctly where composed characters are unavailable.

  • Improved the speed of multiline regular expression searches and replaces.

Test results:




Comparison to v19.6

Replace a multiline regular expression

54.1 seconds

24.0 seconds

18.1 seconds

3.01 times faster

\* Test conditions same as Version 19.7.

New Options

  • Added the Advanced Open dialog box.

  • Added the Very Dark (beta) check box to the View page of the Customize dialog box.

  • Added the Use uchardet to detect file encodings when the Detect All option is set and Open US-ASCII as System Default Encoding check boxes to the File page of the Customize dialog box.

  • Renamed the Sort by Multiple Columns dialog box to Advanced Sort dialog box, and the new dialog box allows you to define more than one condition even for non-CSV documents. Added the Advanced Options button to the Advanced Sort dialog box.

  • Added the Group identical strings when sort by occurrence check box to the Sort page of the Customize dialog box.

  • Added the Append encoding names to file names check box to the Advanced dialog box for the Find in Files dialog box.

  • Added the Do not show these new options again check box to the Start window.

  • Added the Oldest Version drop-down list box to the Customize Start Windows dialog box.

  • Added the Display Hangul Jamo Composed check box to the Text Rendering page of the Customize dialog box.

New Commands

Plug-in API New Features

Macro New Features