Version 20.3

November 17, 2020

New General Features

  • Improved the behavior when a new version of EmEditor is detected, and improved the overall update experience. When a new version is detected, a tooltip appears in the right bottom corner of the EmEditor window, shows you a new version number, and allows you to install now, or select whether to install the new version on exit. Also added options related to the Update Checker to the Start Window, which allows you to enable/disable the automatic update, install now, or allows you to select whether to install the new version on exit.

  • Removed emedshl.dll and emedshl64.dll files from installers, and added Registry keys and values related to the Windows Explorer context menu. This will prevent the Files in use message box from appearing during future uninstall/updates.

  • The desktop shortcut will not be created anymore by the default installation. You can still create the desktop shortcut by selecting the Custom install.

  • Added the Convert All and Disable All commands to a tooltip displayed when hovering over HTML/XML character references, universal character names, or percent-encoding active strings.

  • Improved the speed of various operations including Find with the Count Matches option, Filter, Replace All, and Compare in very large files.

Test results:




Find "abc" with Count Matches option

8.20 seconds

2.32 seconds

3.53 times faster

Replace "abc" with "@@@"

8.38 seconds

2.87 seconds

2.92 times faster

Filter "abc"

9.41 seconds

3.31 seconds

2.84 times faster

Find "[a-c]" with Regular Expressions (Onigmo) and Count Matches options

162 seconds

50.7 seconds

3.20 times faster

Replace "[a-c]" with "@" with Regular Expressions (Onigmo) option

220 seconds

64.2 seconds

3.43 times faster

10 GB, 300 million lines, random ASCII data, discard undo information, Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Wrap Around check box to the Replace dialog box.

  • Added the Show Update Checker and Only when new versions available check boxes to the Customize Start Window dialog box.

  • Added the Clear the Number Range option check box to the An incorrect format of a number/IP address range was detected message box.

  • Removed the Highlight HTML/XML Character Reference and UCN check box from the Highlight (2) page of configuration properties. The similar option had been included in the Active String list box of the Link page.

Macro New Features

  • Added an optional parameter to the prompt method to allow a multiline text box.

  • Added eeFindAround flag to the Replace method of the Selection object.