Version 21.2

October 26, 2021

New General Features

  • Many features that were previously available only for the Professional version were enabled also for the Free version. The new Free features include Bookmarks, Markers, Compare files (with default options only), Spelling, Numbering, Full screen view, Workspaces, Macros (Record and Run only, no scriptable macros), Outline, Start window, and many options in configuration properties. See the comparison table for details.

  • The new version shows a dialog box to select EmEditor Professional or EmEditor Free to use when you launch EmEditor for the first time.

  • The new version detects repeated steps, and show a notification tip with the Enter Repeat Count hyperlink. Clicking the Enter Repeat Count hyperlink brings up the Repeat dialog box, where you can specify the number of times to repeat the specified steps. The Repeat dialog box shows the selected steps as a macro, which you can save, edit, or select as the default macro. The Repeat dialog box can also be accessed on the Edit menu, and it is available both on EmEditor Free as well as on EmEditor Professional.

  • The new version allows you to right-click on most menu items and toolbar buttons to display a context menu to show the Assign Keyboard Shortcut command. This command opens the Keyboard page of Properties for All Configurations, and selects the command where you right-clicked. This ability allows you to easily assign a keyboard shortcut for most commands including macros and plug-ins.

  • All Configurations becomes the default setting for the Keyboard Map.

  • Right-click on buttons on the Macros, Plug-ins, or Tools toolbar shows its specific context menu.

  • The new version allows you to click (not double-click) on the status bar to change settings or show menus.

  • Added the EmEditor icon to the Context Menu in Explorer.

  • When the Detect HTML/XML Charset option is set, the new version uses Windows encodings where often mislabeled encodings are used in HTML (iso-8859-1 to windows-1252, iso-8859-9 to windows-1254, and iso-8859-11 to windows-874 according to the WHATWG community Living Standard).

  • The new version displays C1 controls (from U+0080 through U+009F) as "�".

  • The new version shows a notification balloon tip if the Auto Copy feature is enabled when EmEditor is launched, which prevents users from forgetting to disable the feature after using it.

  • Added PowerShell to the default external tools.

New Options

  • Added the Show the modification mark on the left side of file name option to the Window page of the Customize dialog box.

  • Added the Open the combined file when finished successfully, Run a macro against the combined file, Set this as the default macro check boxes to the Destination page of the Combine Files wizard.

  • Added the button to the Destination page of the Combine Files wizard to specify arguments such as $(CombineRunSerial) and $(NumOfFiles) to specify the destination file.

  • Added the Open all split files when finished successfully, Run a macro against each opened split files, Set this as the default macro check boxes to the Destination page of the Split a File wizard.

  • Divided the CSV page of the Customize dialog box to CSV Formats and CSV Options pages.

  • Add the Min lines to detect option to the CSV Formats page of the Customize dialog box. Setting 2 on this option allows EmEditor to detect 2-line CSV files automatically. Previous versions required at least 3 lines exist in a CSV file to be detected automatically.

  • Added the Repeat dialog box.

New Commands