Version 21.8

June 8, 2022

New General Features

  • Added the CommitList plug-in, which shows the Git history of the current document.

  • Allowed regular expressions and number range expressions included in the list of searches/replacements while using Bulk Replace All in the Batch Replace dialog box, Bulk Find in the Batch Find/Replace in Files dialog box, and Bulk Replace All in the Batch Replace in Files dialog box.

  • The new version allows you to search only a specified range of time stamp in files while working on the Find in Files command.

  • The new version shows document titles above documents when comparing them in a split window.

  • The new version moves the split border proportionally as you resize a split window.

  • The new version restores the cursor position when aborting the filter if there were no matches.

New Options

New Commands

New Plug-ins

Plug-in New Features

Macro New Features

  • Added the nVisibleLinesAbove and nVisibleLinesBelow parameters to the Filter method of the Document object.

  • Added the Title property to the Document object.