Version 22.1

December 6th, 2022

New General Features

  • Supported modern JavaScript using the V8 JavaScript engine. [P]

  • The new version of the WebPreview plug-in uses the Microsoft Edge browser control based on Chromium by default. [P]

  • Added the ability to create commits, change branches, stage changes, and undo changes with the CommitList plug-in. [P]

  • Redesigned the Crash Report dialog box, and allow the report to be sent directly from EmEditor. [PF]

  • The new version supports date formats (a type of number range) without separators (for instance, " yyyyMMdd"). [PF]

  • The new version allows the use of a number range with the Extract button in the Replace dialog box. [P]

  • The new version highlights brackets even if the cursor is at the right side of the bracket. [PF]

  • Allowed copying and pasting cells from Excel to EmEditor. [P]

  • Allowed full-width numbers in Jump and other dialog boxes. [PF]

  • Remove the Find toolbar from the default layout. [P]

  • Recategorized the All Commands menu and the command category in the Quick Launch and Keyboard Map windows. [PF]

  • Improved the speed of counting the number of characters in a selection and copying strings. [PF]

Test results:




Count the Number of Characters

32.2 seconds

14.4 seconds

2.24 times faster

\* Click the Number of Characters in the selection on the status bar after Select All, 1 billion lines, 52 GB random ASCII data. Default options, Windows 11, Ryzen 9 7900X, 64 GB RAM, 1TB SSD.

New Options

New Commands

Plug-in New Features [P]

Macro New Features [P]


  • [P] EmEditor Professional only

  • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free