Version 22.4

May 17th, 2023

New General Features

  • Improved the behavior and progress message when opening a very large file from a slow or network drive. [PF]

  • Improved the response time when canceling Find in Files. [PF]

  • Added the syntax check feature using Language Server Protocol (LSP). [P]

  • Improved the CommitList plugin by adding the ability to checkout commits and create new branches. [P]

  • Added the ability to update highlighting while you type in the Find dialog or the Find toolbar. When this feature is enabled, highlighting occurs only when the Find/Replace/Find in Files/Replace in Files dialog box or Find toolbar is visible. This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled by selecting the Auto Highlight in the menu displayed when you click the > button next to the Find drop-down list box in the Find dialog box. [PF]

  • Improved the scrolling behavior while extending the selection using the mouse. When you drag the mouse (move the mouse pointer while pressing the left mouse button) past the edge of the editor window, the mouse pointer shape changes. The farther you move the mouse pointer past the edge of the window, the faster the scrolling speed becomes. If you move the mouse pointer too far away from the window, the scrolling behaves as if you were dragging the scroll box (thumb). This mode allows you to move the endpoint of the selection easily to any position in the document. By default, the Minimap will be displayed when you enter this mode. Pressing the ESC key while still pressing the left mouse button will switch back to the normal selection mode. [PF]

  • The new version scrolls 8 characters right or left when you click the horizontal scrollbar arrows. [PF]

  • Changed the shortcuts on the main menu (Convert and Tools). [PF]

  • Changed the behavior on paste - the new version pastes as box if the clipboard text contains newlines and the current selection mode is multi-selection. [PF]

  • Improved the reliability and robustness especially when dealing with very large files in low memory situations. [PF]

  • The new version calls "beta versions" as "preview versions". [PF]

  • Improved the speed of Find in Files, Delete Columns, Clear Contents, Sort Randomly, and base 64 encoding/decoding commands. The speed of the Sort Randomly command was further improved by using a fast pseudorandom number generator ( Xoshiro-cpp).

Test results:




Find in Files

6.240 seconds

2.261 seconds

2.76 times faster

Delete Columns

2.582 seconds

1.072 seconds

2.41 times faster

Clear Contents

2.658 seconds

1.101 seconds

2.41 times faster

Sort Randomly

6.668 seconds

4.858 seconds

1.47 times faster

*Find in Files: Find "abc" in 8 random ASCII/UTF-8 data files (total 5.73 GB), ignore case.

Delete Columns, Clear Contents: 1.99 GB, 15.9 million lines, random CSV data.

Sort Randomly: 9.68 GB, 200 million lines, random ASCII data.

All: Default options except the Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate option on, Windows 11, Core i9-11900K, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Language Server Protocol option to the Document Type drop-down list box in the Syntax Check page of configuration properties. [P]

  • Added the Auto Highlight command to the menu displayed when you click the > button next to the Find drop-down list box in the Find dialog box. [PF]

Plug-in New Features [P]

  • Added the ability to checkout commit, create new branch, or delete a branch to the CommitList plug-in. They are accessed through the context menu of the commit list or the branches list.


  • [P] EmEditor Professional only

  • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free