Version 23.0

November 15th, 2023

New General Features

  • Redesigned help pages. Starting with this version, the local Help format was transitioned from a single CHM file to multiple HTML files.[PF]

  • Added the ability to show the embedded Web Browser within EmEditor using the WebView2 control. The initial home URL can be customized in the new Web Browser page of the Customize dialog box. The Web Browser is designed to be used in conjunction with macros. Writing a macro enables you to send specific text to a website. You can use web to access the Document Object Model (DOM) in the web page, For instance, web.document.documentElement.outerHTML retrieves the HTML of the current web document. The onLoad event enables you to retrieve specific text from the web page when it is loaded. Please refer to the Bing.jsee macro example to see how the new features can be utilized. [P]

  • Added the ability to format the selection or entire document using the Language Server Protocol (Format Document and Format Selection commands). [P]

  • Improved the Markdown syntax highlighting by adding the special syntax for Markdown. [PF]

  • Improved invalid character detections while opening Japanese (JIS) or Japanese (EUC) files. [PF]

  • Improved invalid format detections while operating on CSV Converter. [P]

  • Improved the speed of Delete Columns, Insert Column Right/Left, Combine Columns, Sort Columns, Paste, and other commands while working on the CSV mode. [P]

  • By default, improved the speed of Uppercase, Lowercase, and other conversion commands for very large numbers of replacements by eliminating the use of temporary files and enabling disk-based file operations. [PF]

  • Improved the speed of various operations while opening a very large file in Japanese (JIS) or Japanese (EUC). [PF]

Test results:




Delete Column [*A]

12.3 seconds

0.570 seconds

21.6 times faster

Insert Column Right [*A]

14.1 seconds

0.627 seconds

22.5 times faster

Paste a column [*A]

24.6 seconds

0.719 seconds

34.2 times faster

CSV Converter (Comma separated to Tab separated) [*A]

11.8 seconds

0.872 seconds

13.5 times faster

CSV Converter (Comma separated to Fixed width columns) [*A]

52.3 seconds

1.75 seconds

29.9 times faster

Uppercase [*B]

8.43 seconds

0.866 seconds

9.73 times faster

Find with Count Matches on Japanese (JIS) [*C]

0.897 seconds

0.070 seconds

12.8 times faster

*A: 1.99 GB, 15.9 million lines, random ASCII CSV file.

*B: 1.34 GB , 100 million lines, random ASCII text file.

*C: 1.02 GB, 3.42 million lines, Japanese (JIS) text file.

All: Default options except the Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate option on, Windows 11, Core i7-13700, 80 GB RAM.

New Options

  • The Use Temporary Files to Reduce Memory Usage check box was renamed to Enable Disk-Based, and Minimum File Size to use Temporary File text box was renamed to Minimum File Size to Enable Disk-Based in the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box. [P]

  • Added the Use temporary files while editing check box to the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box. [P]

  • Removed the Auto check box from the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box. [P]

  • Added the Web Browser page to the Customize dialog box. [P]

  • Added the Click the left edge of a line number to toggle the bookmark check box to the Mouse page of the Customize dialog box. [P]

  • Added the Show hover tooltip check box to the Language Server page of configuration properties. [P]

  • Added the Markdown to the Special Syntax drop-down list box in the Highlight (2) page of configuration properties. [PF]

  • Added the Truncate strings if longer than column width and Warn if invalid format detected check boxes to the CSV Converter. [P]

New Commands

Plug-in New Features [P]

  • The changes sidebar in CommitList has an Update Submodule option to pull changes to a submodule.

  • Removed Undo Changes menu item in the staged files list (not unstaged files) in the CommitList sidebar to avoid confusion on expected behavior.

  • Added the EI_SET_WEB and EI_OPEN_WEB flags to the EE_INFO message.


  • Added the CSV_TRUNCATE_UNFIT and CSV_PROMPT_INVALID flags to the CONVERT_CSV_INFO structure.

Macro New Features [P]


  • [P] EmEditor Professional only

  • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free