Version 24.0

February 28th, 2024

New General Features

  • Added the AI macro to the list of My Macros by default. The AI macro utilizes OpenAI to display a popup menu of commonly used questions ("Proofread", "Summarize", "Lookup", "Tranlsate", "Generate an image" ...) for the current selected text or entire document. The macro requires an OpenAI API key to use. [P]

  • The new version has added the Copy to Other command to the context menu that appears when right-clicking on changed text while a window is split for comparison. [PF]

  • The new version added the X (Close) and Copy All to Other buttons to each pane's title while a window is split for comparison. [PF]

  • Supported the \Q...\E syntax with Onigmo regex. [PF]

  • The new version allows you to extract URIs or Email addresses using the Extract Frequent command. [P]

  • Improved the speed of the Split a File, Combine Files, Increase Line Indent, and Decrease Line Indent commands. [PF]

Test results:




Increase Line Indent

6.40 seconds

0.234 seconds

27.4 times faster

Decrease Line Indent

29.0 seconds

0.234 seconds

124 times faster

All: 1.34 GB , 100 million lines, random ASCII text file. Default options except the Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate option on, Windows 11, Ryzen 9 7950X, 96 GB RAM.

New Options

  • Added the Prompt if deleted check box to the File page of configuration properties. [PF]

  • Added the Find Next/Previous matches non-overlapping strings only option to the Advanced dialog box. [P]

  • Added the Max column width text box to the CSV Options page of the Customize dialog box. [P]

  • Added the URIs and Email Addresses radio buttons to the Extract Frequent Strings dialog box. [P]

New Commands

Plug-in New Features [P]

Macro New Features [P]

  • Added the AI macro to the list of My Macros by default.

  • Added the eeExFindNoOverlap flag to the Find method.

  • Added the eeFreqTypeUri and eeFreqTypeEmail types to the ExtractFrequent method of the Selection object.

  • Added the GetEnv method to the Shell object.


  • [P] EmEditor Professional only

  • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free