Version 4.10

January 23, 2005

  • The Status page is added to the Customize dialog box.

  • You can now change the Windows Toolbar button order by drag-and-dropping a button on the Windows Toolbar.

  • The Close All Others command added.

  • The Move Next command and the Move Previous command added.

  • The status bar now shows the character code value at the cursor position.

  • The Capitalize command added.

  • The eeCaseCapitalize flag added to ChangeCase method.

  • The Split Lines command and the Join Lines command added.

  • The eeFormatSplitLines flag and the eeFormatJoinLines flag added to the Format method.

  • The Import and Export command added.

  • The context menu added in the Keyboard Map window.

  • You can now display or edit Properties for selected items in Keyboard Map.

  • You can now display Keyboard Map for All Configurations.

  • You can now copy selected items as text to the Clipboard.

  • You can now assign Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDown by pressing Ctrl, depressing, and pressing PageUp or PageDown on the Keyboard page of Properties.

  • Toolbars with 16 colors can now display external tool icons.