Version 7.00

December 18, 2007

When more than one file is modified and the Close All command is selected, the Save changes to... message box now includes the Apply to All checkbox.

EI_GET_CURRENT_FOLDER and EI_IS_LARGE_DOC commands were added to EE_INFO message ( Editor_Info, Editor_DocInfo inline functions).

The Close button can be now displayed on the Active tab or on each tab (Close Button drop-down list box).

Read-only icons can be now displayed on tabs (Show Read-Only Icon check box).

ALT + DELETE to clear an item from search history in the Find drop-down list box.

User defined menus allowing two-stroke key shortcuts ( Delay Time slider).

The Theme drop-down list box, the > button, and the Character Space text box were added to the Display page of Configuration Properties.

You can now define event-driven macros (Events button, Runs at Events check box, Events text box, Select Events dialog box).

Under Windows Vista, Open/Save As dialog boxes are now Windows Vista design, and allows you to easily access to previous versions of files, which is one of the features of Windows Vista.

  • The installer now does not allow you to change the install folder if a previous version is already installed.