Version 8

September 5, 2008

New General Features

A Large File Controller is now displayed when a very large file is opened, and you can open the file partially with the specified range.

Vertical selection editing is now possible (allows you to insert text at each line within the vertical selection).

Binary (ASCII View) and Binary (Hexadecimal View) were added to available encodings.

Replace All can now be accelerated by discarding the Undo information.

The Function Bar can now be displayed (View > Function Bar).

Speed is optimized when each line is very long.

Marks (CR, LF, Tab, Space, EOF) can be customized (Tools > Customize > Marks).

Extended Katakana support is available.

Auto-panning by clicking the mouse wheel.

The Indent Guides can be displayed (Configuration Properties > Marks > Show Indent Guides).

Right-click in the line numbers or the left side of the window to move the cursor to start of that line.

Tag Format can be specified with regular expressions (Customize > Edit > Tag Format).

Drag and drop editing can be disabled (Customize > Edit > Enable Text Drag and Drop).

Temporary folders can be specified (Customize > Advanced > Use System Temporary Folder).

The Keyboard Map window can be sorted by clicking each column.

INI files can be imported to the Registry (Import and Export Wizard > Import Personal INI files to the Registry).

The Copy command now copies the entire current line when no text is selected. The old behavior can be also selected by using the Copy Selection command.

The Cut command now cuts the entire current line when no text is selected. The old behavior can be also selected by using the Cut Selection command.

A new dialog appears when invalid characters are contained in the opening file.

A new dialog appears when the document contains characters which will be lost if saved as selected encoding for saving.

Find in Files results can be redirected in the Output Bar (Find in Files > Use Output Bar).

The new Jump Next and Jump Previous commands can be used to jump between results in the Output bar.

Mouse wheel with CTRL increases or decreases the font size.

Mouse wheel with Right-click moves to next or previous document.

New plug-in features

  • The Projects plug-in was improved with solution templates, the toolbar, the parameter information tooltip, etc. It also allows you to open Visual Studio solution files as read-only.

  • The Word Complete plug-in can now complete recently searched strings.

New options

New commands

Macros new features

Plug-in API new features