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History: Version 14

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Version 14

December 9, 2013

New General Features

Enhanced multiple selections. When multiple selections are made, cursors appear simultaneously at multiple locations.

Four new commands: Percent-encoding to Unicode (Current Encoding), Unicode to Percent-encoding (Current Encoding), Percent-encoding to Unicode (UTF-8), and Unicode to Percent-encoding (UTF-8) were added. If the mouse pointer hovers on the text encoded with percent encoding, a tooltip will automatically appear with decoded text.

The Move Line Up and Move Line Down commands were added.

When the Find dialog box is open, selecting the Find command or pressing CTRL + F now sets the keyboard focus to the Find drop-down list box now. Similarly, the Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files dialog boxes now sets the keyboard focus to the Find drop-down list box when activated by the shortcuts or selecting from menus.

Optimized to reduce the screen refresh when the Customize Macros or Customize Menus dialog is closed.

Addressed the issue where EmEditor might have crashed when TeamViewer was run simultaneously and signed in.

New options

The Close when Finished check box in the Find in Files dialog box and the Replace in Files dialog box.

The Output Options drop-down list box was added to the Find in Files dialog box, where you can select the display option from File Names and Lines, File Names Only, Matched Lines Only, and Matched Strings Only.

The Enter Maintenance Key dialog box was added.

The Add Maintenance Key button in the About EmEditor dialog box.

New commands

Percent-encoding to Unicode (Current Encoding)

Unicode to Percent-encoding (Current Encoding)

Percent-encoding to Unicode (UTF-8)

Unicode to Percent-encoding (UTF-8)

Move Line Up

Move Line Down

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