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EmEditor History: Version 18.3

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Version 18.3

November 7, 2018

New General Features

Added random ordering to Sort.

The new version can open Binary (Hexadecimal View) files with 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 bytes per line. Selecting larger bytes per line results in faster loading of binary files.

Re-enabled multi-threaded search/replace when a large file is opened without temporary files to improve its speed.

Greatly improved the speed of Remove Newline Characters and Validate CSV documents with embedded newlines.

Added the Bookmarked Lines Only, Unbookmarked Lines Only, and Match Newline Characters buttons to the Filter toolbar.

Allows you to refresh/abort Filter by pressing the ENTER/ESC key while the keyboard focus is on the Column drop-down list box in the Filter toolbar.

The new version allows you to deselect a selection while in multple selection mode, by CTRL-clicking a selection.

You can now enable Read Only with unsaved documents.

Test results:




Replace All (opened without temporary files)

6.33 seconds

2.17 seconds

2.92 times faster

Remove Newline Characters

28.5 seconds

8.42 seconds

3.38 times faster

Switch to CSV mode (CSV with embedded newlines)

7.27 seconds

0.01 seconds

727 times faster

* Replace All: 1.34 GB, 100,000,000 lines, random ASCII data replace "aaa" with "@@@", default options, Remove Newline Characters: 538 MB, 10,000,000 lines, random ASCII data, Switch to CSV mode: 142 KB, 500 lines, 52,300 newline characters CSV, Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i7-8700K, 32GB RAM.

New Options

Added the Sort Randomly radio button to the Sort by Multiple Columns dialog box.

Added the Binary (Hexadecimal View) drop-down list box to the Format page of the Customize dialog box.

Added the Bookmarked Lines Only, Unbookmarked Lines Only, Match Newline Characters, CR Only, LF Only, CR+LF Only, Others check boxes to the Advanced Filter dialog box.

New Commands

Sort Randomly

Bookmarked Lines Only (Filter toolbar)

Unbookmarked Lines Only (Filter toolbar)

Match Newline Characters (Filter toolbar)

CR Only (Filter toolbar)

LF Only (Filter toolbar)

CR+LF (Filter toolbar)

Others (Filter toolbar)

Plug-in API New Features

Added the SORT_RANDOM flag to the Editor_Sort inline function and the SORT_INFO structure.


Macro New Features

Added the R (sorts randomly) option to the strColumns parameter of the Sort method.

Added the ExFlags parameter to the Filter method.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a certain issue related to Batch Replace.

Fixed a bug of v18.0.0 and later where saving a file containing a very long line (longer than 260 MB per line) could corrupt the file.

Fixed customer-reported issues (1, 2, 3).

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