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EmEditor History: Version 19.9

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Version 19.9

June 16, 2020

New General Features

Added the ability to batch or multi-search in the Find, Find in Files, and Replace in Files commands.

Added the Split Column(s) command to split a column of a CSV document by a specified separator, and put them into right columns or lines beneath.

Improve the robustness of file opening and sort commands under low-memory situations.

Improved the Crash Report dialog box/files.

The new version allows you to open a file path starting with a tilde-slash (~/) from within WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

The Wrap Indent option now optionally ignores full-width spaces.

Greatly improved the speed of Advanced Filter with multiple strings combined by logical disjunction (OR), by using an improved algorithm and SSE, AVX-2, and AVX-512 instructions sets.

Test results:




Advanced Filter (16 threads)

7.33 seconds

2.34 seconds

3.13 times faster

Advanced Filter (single thread)

61.8 seconds

17.1 seconds

3.61 times faster

* 50 random ASCII search strings combined by logical disjunction (OR), ignore case, 1.34 GB, 100,000,000 lines, ASCII random data file. Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

Added the Batch Find, Batch Find in Files, and Batch Replace in Files dialog boxes. Redesigned the Batch Replace dialog box.

Added the Split Columns dialog box.

Added the Select from Batch List command in the menu displayed when clicked the > button by the Find drop-down list box in Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files dialog boxes.

Added the Batch Options dialog box.

Removed the Right Click to Set Cursor Position check box from the Mouse tab of the Customize dialog box.

Added the Ignore Wide Spaces check box to the Tab/Indent dialog box.

New Commands

Split Column(s)

Send Feedback

Write a Review

Plug-in API New Features

Added the EE_SPLIT_COLUMN message, Editor_SplitColumn inline function, and SPLIT_COLUMN_INFO structure.

Added the Editor_BatchFindReplace inline function and BATCH_INFO structure.

Macro New Features

Added the SplitColumn method to the Document object.

Added the BatchFind and BatchReplace methods to the Selection object.

Added the filters property to the Editor object.

Added the AddFind and AddReplace methods to the Filters collection.

Added the strFilter and nExFlags parameters to the Add method of the Filters collection.

Added the ExFlags and Replace properties to the Filter object.

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