To Use HTMLBar Plug-in

The HTMLBar plug-in is installed by default with EmEditor Professional. This plug-in displays a toolbar, filled with buttons, which helps you insert frequently used HTML tags and elements. To use the HTMLBar plug-in:

  1. Open an HTML file, and click  on the Plug-Ins bar. Or on the Tools menu, point to Plug-ins, and then click HTMLBar. The HTML toolbar will appear.

  2. Click any button of the HTML tag or element you would like to insert in the HTML document.

HTMLBar Plug-in Customizable Buttons

In order to customize the toolbar buttons:

  1. Right click on the Plug-in toolbar, then click Properties. The HTML Bar Properties box is displayed.

  2. Click on the Customize Buttons button . The Customize Buttons dialog box will appear. The predefined buttons are listed. You can click the New button to add a new button, or the Properties button to edit the selected button. When you click the New button or the Properties button, the Button Properties will appear, where you can set the following options:


Selects an icon for the button.


Specifies a title for the button. The title is also displayed as a tooltip when a mouse hovers over the button.

Insert Tags (Begin and End)

Specifies begin and end tags to insert for this command. For instance, if you want the button to underline text, enter "<u>" in the Begin text box and "</u>" in the End text box. You can use special macros and insert them easily by clicking the ">" arrow and choosing one of the items in the list. For instance, \{Path} inserts the file path of the current document, \{PickFullPath} allows you to select a document in an Open dialog box, and \{PickColor} allow you to select a color in the Color dialog box.

Special Commands (Table, Font, Unindent, Heading, Form, Customize)

These commands do specific tasks and are not customizable in details.
Table: displays the Insert Table dialog box where you can specify the rows and columns of the table, and inserts the table in the HTML document.
Font: displays the Font dialog box where you can select a font, and insert the font tag.
Unindent: removes indent for the selected lines.
Heading: creates a button with the arrow. If you press this button, a context menu appears with items from H1 to H6. Selecting one of these items inserts the corresponding tag (<h1> to <h6>).
Form: creates a button with the arrow. If you press this button, a context menu appears with form and form element items.
Customize: displays the Customize Buttons dialog box.

Replace using Regular Expressions

Replaces strings in the document or the selection using regular expressions.


Inserts a separator between buttons.


Specifies a shortcut key for this button.


Removes the previously defined shortcut key for this button.


By default, the HTMLBar plug-in doesn't appear automatically when an HTML file is opened. You can change this behavior from the plug-in Properties, which can be accessed by right-clicking the plug-in button on the Plug-ins bar, and selecting the Properties.