To Use Web Preview Plug-in

The Web Preview plug-in is installed by default with EmEditor Professional. This plug-in shows a preview of the current HTML or Markdown document in an embedded web browser. To use the Web Preview plug-in:

  1. Click Web Preview on the Plug-ins bar. Or on the Tools menu, point to Plug-ins, and then click Web Preview. The Web Preview custom bar will appear.

  2. Open an HTML file in EmEditor, and the web preview appears in the custom bar.

  3. If you edit the web page and want to have the change reflected on the preview, right click on the custom bar, and select Refresh.


  • Press the F6 key or ESC key to set the keyboard focus back to the editor.

  • The custom bar position can be set from top, bottom, right or left by right-clicking the plug-in button on the Plug-ins bar, and selecting the Properties.