To Use Word Count Plug-in

The Word Count plug-in is installed by default with EmEditor Professional. This plug-in counts words contained in the entire document and in a selection of text. The word count plug-in always counts the words in the entire document. It counts the words in a selection if you make a selection of text. To use the Word Count plug-in:

  1. Select text where you want to count words or select no text to count the entire document.

  2. Click Word Count on the Plug-ins bar. Or on the Tools menu, point to Plug-ins, and then click Word Count.

The Word Count custom bar appears. In the first column, the plug-in displays the types of query: characters, width, words, and lines. In the second column, the plug-in displays the count of words in the entire document. In the third column, the plug-in displays the count of words in the selected text only.

You can click the Refresh Now button to recount the document and/or selection and update the word count, or press the " Refresh Automatically" button to reflect changes immediately. (This does not apply to a selection of text.)

The Word Count Plug-in queries are customizable. Click on the Customize button of the Word Count bar. The Customize Queries dialog box appears where you can create new, delete, copy and order queries. You can also click Reset to return all queries to the default settings.

To create a new query (such as Uppercase characters):

  1. Click New in the Customize Queries dialog box. The Query Properties box appears.

  2. Name the new query in the Title text box.

  3. Specify the type by Number of Characters, Widths, Number of Words, or Logical Lines.

  4. Select the Use Regular Expression check box. Some Regular Expression examples are available by clicking the > button next to the text box.


Properties of an existing query, can also be edited by selecting the query to edit in the Customize Queries dialog box, and clicking Properties.