Difference between Batch Replace All and Bulk Replace All

Batch Replace All searches a whole document for one string at a time, and repeats this procedure for the number of search strings. Bulk Replace All searches for all search strings simultaneously. The difference may lead to different results if search/replace string pairs contain, for instance:

1 → 5

2 → 4

4 → 2

5 → 1

and if the source document is:


In this case, if Batch Replace All is used, EmEditor will replace 1 with 5 for the whole document first, and then will replace 2 with 4. At this point, the source document becomes:


Next, when it replaces 4 with 2, note that it will replace two 4's (the second and fourth numbers). Lastly, when it replaces 5 with 1, it will replace two 5's (the first and last numbers). Thus, the result will be:


If the new Bulk Replace All is used, EmEditor will replace all strings simultaneously. Therefore, the result will be:


as you expect.

Bulk Replace All will replace much faster than Batch Replace All. In our test, Bulk Replace All completed 6310 times faster than Batch Replace All when one million search/replace pairs existed (See Version 21.7 for test results).

Bulk Replace All does not support regular expressions, number ranges, or strings including newlines.