To Replace in Files

  1. Select the Replace in Files command under the Search menu to display the Replace in Files dialog box.

  2. Enter the text string to search for, the text string to replace with, the file type(s) (separated with a semicolon if more than one) and the folder(s) to search, then press the Replace All button.

  3. If you check the Keep Modified Files Open check box, all files that have had changes made will be left open, so that you can verify the changes.

  4. If the changes are correct, you can select the Save and Close All command. If you want to cancel the changes, you can select the All Commands command, and select File > Close > Close All without Save command.


  • Check Match Case to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase.

  • Check Look in Subfolders, to also search subfolders.

  • If you do not check the Keep Modified Files Open check box, changes to files will be made immediately. If this is checked, the number of files replaced will be limited to the Maximum Number of Files to Replace if Kept Open text box on the Search page of the Customize dialog box.