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EmEditor Macro Reference: Replace in Files

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Replace in Files

To replace a string within specified files in a path, use ReplaceInFiles Method.

The following example demonstrates how to replace <H3> ... </H3> in a HTML file with <H4> ... </H4>.


editor.ReplaceInFiles( "<H3>(.*?)</H3>", "<H4>\\1<H4>", "C:\\web\\*.htm", eeFindReplaceRegExp | eeReplaceBackup, eeEncodingSystemDefault, "*.bak", "C:\\Backup" );


editor.ReplaceInFiles "<H3>(.*?)</H3>", "<H4>\1<H4>", "C:\web\*.htm", eeFindReplaceRegExp Or eeReplaceBackup, eeEncodingSystemDefault, "*.bak", "C:\Backup"

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