Queries the string associated with the specified command. You can send this message explicitly or by using the Editor_QueryString inline function.

wParam = (WPARAM) MAKEWPARAM( nCmdID, bShortTitle );
lParam = (LPARAM) (LPWSTR) psz;



Specifies an integer indicating the Command ID to execute. Only following commands can be used. See the Command Reference for details.


Command Name

Return Value

4609 through 4609 + 63

List of Recent Documents

file path and name

4864 through 4864 + 63

List of Recent Files to Insert

file path and name

4992 through 4992 + 63

List of Recent Folders

file path and name

5376 through 5376 + 255

Documents List command

window title

5632 through 5632 + 255

Plug-ins List command

plug-in file name

6656 through 6656 + 255

List of Encodings to Reload command

encoding name

7680 through 7680 + 255

List of Encodings to Save

encoding name

9216 through 9216 + 1023

Macros List command

macro path and name


Specifies whether the short version of the string is needed in certain commands.


Specifies the buffer to retrieve the string.

Return Values

If the command ID is valid, the return value is nonzero. Otherwise, the return value is zero.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 7.00 or later.