Version 16.9

June 6, 2017

New General Features

  • Greatly improved speed for the Remove Newline Characters command and Replace All (when the find string contains newline characters and the replace string does not) operations. See the test results table below.

Test results:




Comparison to v16.5

Replace All "9\n" with "a"

32.7 seconds

22.4 seconds

0.17 seconds

192 times faster

Undo the above

73.5 seconds

29.2 seconds

27.8 seconds

2.64 times faster

Remove Newline Characters

34.8 seconds

22.4 seconds

0.12 seconds

290 times faster

Undo the above

105.3 seconds

13.9 seconds

6.95 seconds

15.2 times faster

Replace All "0123456789\n" with "" (blank)

13.8 seconds

12.4 seconds

0.078 seconds

177 times faster

Undo the above

7.7 seconds

0.09 seconds

0.078 seconds

99 times faster

\* All test conditions are the same as Version 16.6.

  • Greatly improved the speed of the Advanced Filter by selecting the new Match Whole String check box when many filters are defined.

Test results:


v16.9 (Match Whole String selected)


Advanced Filter, Match Case deselected

115 seconds

0.10 seconds

1,150 times faster

Advanced Filter, Match Case selected

123 seconds

0.06 seconds

2,050 times faster

\* 200,000 lines (56.3 MB) CSV file (UTF-8), Use Advanced Filter, 50,000 search from the first column conditions, Logical Disjunction (OR) selected, Windows 10 (64-bit) Core i7-4790 16GB RAM

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are clickable now, and clicking IPv4/IPv6 addresses will display a web browser and show the IP information. Moreover, hovering over IPv4 addresses will display the country name as a tooltip where the IPv4 address was registered (In order to use this feature, you will need to download an additional file. See Remarks below.) The behaviors are customizable by editing the macro file.

  • Hexadecimal colors and RGB colors can be clicked to show the Color Picker and allows you to select and change the color value.

  • The behaviors of Active Strings (including URLs, email addresses, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, strings enclosed by quotation marks, HTML Character Reference, Universal Character Names/Percent-encoding, Hexadecimal colors, and RGB colors) can be customized to run macros, external tools, or EmEditor commands, in addition to previous behaviors.

  • The Link page of configuration properties allows you to specify which strings act as Active String. The new Active String page of the Customize dialog box allows you to specify a behavior for each event such as Left Click, Left Double-click, Middle Click, and Right Click of each Active String.

New Options

  • The Match Whole String check box was added to the Advanced Filter dialog box.

  • The Active String list was added to the Link page of configuration properties.

  • The Active String page was added to the Customize dialog box.

  • The Add Additional Information to the Undo/Redo History check box was added to the History page of the Customize dialog box.

  • The Remove the first line from all documents except the first document check box was added to the Combine Files wizard.

New Commands

Plug-in API New Features

Macro New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where the Multiline option was not saved in the Find dialog box.

  • Fixed a certain bug related to Find in Files.

  • Fixed the bug where the Backup Folder was not saved in the Replace in Files dialog box.


In order to inspect the name of the country where the IP address is registered, download the GeoLite2 Country database, unzip and place the extracted CSV file in:

  • If an EmEditor installer was used to install EmEditor (using the Registry):

  • If a portable version of EmEditor is used (using INI files):

" data" subfolder of the EmEditor installed folder, i.e. X:\...\EmEditor\data

It is recommended to download and update the above file periodically since the database is updated frequently.


The new IPTip.jsee macro uses the GeoLite downloadable CSV data created by MaxMind.